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A Pet Pantry to help local pet owners keep their furry family members fed & cared for.

Celebrating Our Furry Family


Let us celebrate our furry family members by posting their pictures for all to see.

It doesn't matter if you are in need or if you are a donor. 

Let us celebrate together!

If you'd like to submit a pic. Please click on the link, below.

Two dogs
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Each year, Gifts Of Hope provides food, clothing & shelter assistance for families in need throughout Washington State. Due to the pandemic, the needs of the community have increased not just for us humans but also for our pets. Everyone of us have struggled at some point in our lives and the thought of having to get rid of a pet during a time of struggle shouldn't be an option for anyone. Our newly created program "Bone Appétit" would like to assist you.

Bone Appétit was founded by 12 year old Samiya McCaskill who has a strong passion for dogs. Samiya, a member of Gifts Of Hope has delivered many groceries to families in need especially during the Pandemic. She has also restocked food pantries as well as GOH Foodbank Tables for our neighbors in need throughout the community. That's when she realized that those who are struggling to put food on the table are also struggling to supply food for their pets. She desired every dog to have the same opportunity as her 3yr old Poodle Pup "Royal". "It's very hard for many people during this time to supply food for their pets and so I decided to create a way in which we could offer help by making sure every dog had a good meal. And, so I came up with Bone Appétit a program that will provide food assistance, toys and much more for our furry friends."

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Waxaan bixinaa xaflado dhalasho oo loogu talagalay carruurta da'doodu tahay 2 -14 sano jir oo ku nool xeryaha bilaa hoyga ah, hoyga ama dhowaan uun loo wareejiyay guryaha dakhligoodu hooseeyo.

Maxaa la Bixiyey:


Maacuunta, Marooyinka jilicsan iyo Suxuunta

Cake dhalashadiisa


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