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I cannot rise unless I extend my hand to my sister so that we can rise together. Though, we may be different. We are the same. What makes us the same? We are sisters! Let us walk this journey together and learn from each other. Let us rise together and leave no sister behind as we share our stories and resources.


"I am a woman wonderfully molded and shaped and destined for greatness. Life lessons have taught me. Lessons learned have sought me. The love of life has bought me. I'm sold out to love. Love of self. Love of of my sisters. I am wonderfully made. We are wonderfully made. Together, we can make a difference. Together, we can inspire our daughters and sons. Together, we shall stand with 100% confidence in all that we do. Why, you might ask? Because we are women wonderfully molded and shaped and destined for greatness."

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 Assistance Application


Please, click the link below and fill out an application if you find yourself in need of rental assistance, food assistance as as well as transportation assistance. Also, see below other resources throughout Washington which might be of more convenience.


Meet Claudia

Founder of

Wish Upon A Star Creations

Hello! My name is Claudia, I was born in Orange Grove California And moved to the Evergreen State 16 years ago when I got married was married 12 year, had 3 boys and unfortunately my marriage failed. Then sometime along the line I met my now husband Jim (a blessing from God) he compliments me in every way and supports my dreams and not only does he support me but I couldn’t do this with out his help. I always knew I wanted to have my own business that involved being creative but didn’t know what it was until after Jim and I got married, when I created my own backdrop and my perfect wedding setting.


Wish Upon A Star loves thinking out of the box & creating magic in a background setup for your party. It's not just an ordinary dessert table, it's your theme coming to life, it's a statement in your event, the wow of your party. This is.... "where your dreams come true". 

If you are looking to add a magical backdrop to your party.  

Contact Claudia (509) 901-6344

You'll get 10% off if you mention "No Sister Left Behind".


Meet Alea

Founder of

My home life growing up in South Seattle was amazing! I had a close-knit family who loved to celebrate holidays, birthdays, and lots of parties until my early teen years when my parents fell ill. For some years after that, I used alcohol as a coping mechanism for the trauma I felt from that.  At first socially then regularly, then both. I was blessed to find success in my career path throughout my life and worked in HR for over 25 years. As I rose through the ranks, I no longer enjoyed the work I was doing but remained attracted to the prominence and financial benefits however, as my bank account and passport stamps increased, my alcohol consumption did too.

Meet Monika

Founder of
Queen Care Products

 I am the Founder and Executive Director of a non-profit that provides academic and mentoring support for inner city youth and I am the owner of a "Natural Body & Home Care Company" In 1994, I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. Children are truly a blessing even in spite of the situations and environment they were born into. I was a teenager at the time of his birth, a whole 15 ½ years old. At that point, Im sure everyone believed that I would be a statistic, that I would end up desolate just like the rest of the teenage mothers in my community-I even believed it! I had totally abandoned my dreams of starting a community center and my outlook was dreary. The one thing that I clinged onto was my EDUCATION. 

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